The Hatteras team has a proven track record of working alongside entrepreneurs to create and maintain valuable life science ventures. Our goal is to identify unmet medical needs and team up with talented scientists and business people to transform healthcare. Investing out of its fourth fund, Hatteras Venture Partners has shown the ability to thrive under adverse market conditions and deliver value to its investors.

The first fund, HVP I, is a $3M fund focused on pre-seed and company formation. The second fund, HVP II, is a $35M investment in HBM BioCapital, through which Hatteras is an investment advisor. HVP III is an $83M early- stage fund that invests in breakthrough discoveries that impact human medicine.

With a strategy similar to HVP III, in August 2011 the firm launched HVP IV, a fund that reached its target of $125 million in subscriptions upon final close on January 7, 2013. With HVP IV, Hatteras has formally launched Hatteras Discovery, an allocation of the fund focused on seed-stage companies and projects in the field of human medicine and life sciences.