Hatteras Venture Partners I (HVP I) is a $3 million venture capital fund focused on pre-seed and seed investments in human medicine and information technology. HVP I was launched in late 2000.

  • Entegrion


    Based upon technology from UNC and East Carolina University that was funded by over a decade of Department of Navy funding, Entegrion is developing hemostatic technologies for wound management, tissue repair, and control of hemorrhage. The company’s lead product (Stasilon-FR, formerly AlphaBandage) is FDA approved for use as an external hemostatic bandage.

  • Noverant


    Noverant provides web-based Learning Management Systems for Training, Compliance, and Auditing for small and medium-sized businesses. Our comprehensive, user-friendly software and services provide low-cost and company-wide solutions resulting in 100% of a company’s training requirements — conforming internally and externally with any and all Regulatory Agencies.

  • Respirics


    Respirics is a respiratory drug company focused on development and delivery of powdered formulations of important respiratory medications. The company’s Accu-Breathe delivery device is the first of its kind to enable the dispensing of powdered drug as the patient inhales, improving patient compliance and therapy. Respiric’s lead program is Accu-30 Albuterol, the first powdered form of albuterol in clinical development in the United States.

  • Phase Bio


    PhaseBio is a biopharmaceutical company applying a flexible new platform for biological drugs (peptides and proteins) based on the use of elastin-like polypeptides (ELP’s). PhaseBio’s engineered proteins and peptides have improved manufacturing, pharmacokinetic, and pharmacodynamic properties. The company’s lead programs in phenylketonuria (PKU), diabetes, and respiratory diseases are entering clinical trials.

  • Synthematix


    Synthematix (now Symyx Technologies, Inc. — SMMX) is focused on developing and deploying software solutions for discovery and medicinal chemists. In April 2005, Synthematix was acquired by Symyx Technologies.