With a strategy similar to HVP III, Hatteras Venture Partners IV (HVP IV) was launched in August 2011 with a first close of $74 million. Upon final close on January 7, 2013, HVP IV reached $125 million in investable capital. With HVP IV, Hatteras has formally launched Hatteras Discovery, an allocation of the fund focused on seed-stage companies and projects in the field of human medicine and life sciences.

  • Wildflower Health

    Wildflower Health

    Wildflower Health delivers mobile health programs that help healthcare payers better connect with and support families, impacting both short-term decisions and long-term behaviors that together bend the cost curve. Wildflower’s flagship product is Due Date Plus, a smartphone-based engagement platform for maternity.

  • NuSirt Sciences, Inc

    NuSirt Sciences, Inc.

    NuSirt Biopharma is dedicated to improving the lives of people living with chronic diseases associated with obesity and aging. The company has a unique technology platform that uses a patented combination of leucine, an essential amino acid, and existing human medicines targeted at diseases that may be addressed by activating sirtuin pathways. These combinations have shown promise in preventing and treating metabolic diseases and enhancing the effectiveness of existing pharmaceuticals.

  • spyryx biosciences, inc

    Spyryx Biosciences, Inc.

    Spyryx Biosciences is developing inhaled therapeutics for the treatment of Cystic Fibrosis and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD), designed to restore a natural mechanism for maintaining proper airway liquid volumes in the lung. The Company’s development efforts are based on recent discoveries in the laboratory of Dr. Robert Tarran at UNC-Chapel Hill, who has demonstrated the connection between a regulatory protein in the lung, called SPLUNC1, and dysregulation of sodium absorption via the epithelial sodium channel (ENaC).

  • contego medical

    Contego Medical

    Contego Medical is developing a portfolio of novel medical devices that address clear unmet needs in the cardiovascular and peripheral vascular space. By integrating filter based embolic protection with treatment on the same platform, Contego Medical’s portfolio of devices are poised to transform the field of cardiovascular and endovascular intervention by making existing procedures safer without increasing complexity or compromising performance.  We know embolization occurs with every vascular procedure; Contego Medical’s products enable embolic protection with every procedure.

  • graybug

    Graybug Vision

    With technology from Johns Hopkins University’s Wilmer Eye Institute, GrayBug Vision is developing a controlled release platform technology for ophthalmology therapeutics. Co-founders include world-renowned ophthalmology and micro particle formulation experts. The company is developing its own portfolio of assets for controlled release therapies to treat various ocular diseases, and is also partnering with ophthalmic companies interested in utilizing their technology.

  • orig3n


    ORIG3N is commercializing a personalized, regenerative medicine platform utilizing incudes pluripotent stem cells, or iPS cells. Utilizing technology from Kyoto University in Japan and the Nobel-prize winning work of Shinya Yamanaka, the company offers consumers iPS cell storage via its Life Capsule product, and researchers or drug companies access to iPS cells reprogrammed into heart, brain, or liver cells.

  • lysosomal

    Lysosomal Therapeutics Inc.

    Lysosomal Therapeutics Inc. (LTI) is dedicated to innovative small-molecule research and development in the field of neurodegeneration, yielding new treatment options for patients with severe neurological diseases. The company’s strategy leverages the clinically-validated link between lysosome-based genetic disorders and neurodegenerative diseases to establish a unique and effective molecular platform for novel drug discovery. LTI’s lead program targets Gaucher-related neurodegeneration, Parkinson’s disease and other synucleinopathies.

  • jumohealth

    Jumo Health

    Founded by two dynamic pediatricians, Jumo Health has developed medical content in a format embraced by children. Jumo Health publications feature the Medikidz, a cast of five superheroes, each of whom specializes in a different area of the human body. Each publication is written by doctors, peer-reviewed by top international pediatric specialists, and endorsed by disease organizations around the world. Additionally, the company’s digital media platform features educational podcasts, videos and apps that provide accessible information about specific health conditions to both children and their families.

  • sideris

    Sideris Pharmaceuticals

    Sideris Pharmaceuticals is developing a best-in-class iron chelator for patients suffering from iron overload, a condition that can occur due to frequent blood transfusions. Beta Thalassemia and Myelodysplastic syndrome are two examples of diseases that require transfusions. In preclinical studies, Sideris’ compound was highly efficient at iron removal, demonstrated excellent oral bioavailability, and appeared to be significantly less toxic over the current market leader.  Clinical studies are slated to begin in 2014. With technology from the University of Florida, the Company is based in Gainesville, FL.

  • Curoverse


    Curoverse is developing an open-source platform to manage “big” genomic data. The Company is focused on increasing productivity and lowering costs for storing, organizing, analyzing and sharing the multitudes of new data created by next generation sequencing. Based in Boston, Curoverse was founded out of George Church’s lab at Harvard, and borne out of data infrastructure needs of Church’s Personal Genome Project.

  • NeuroTronik, Inc.

    NeuroTronik is a medical technology company focused on the select stimulation of target nerves to deliver exceptional patient outcomes and positive healthcare economics. The NeuroTronik approach is targeted initially at Acute Heart Failure Syndrome, a leading reason for older-adult hospitalizations.

  • G1 Therapeutics, Inc.

    G1 Therapeutics, Inc.

    G1 Therapeutics is a clinical-stage company developing small-molecule therapies to address significant unmet needs in oncology. The company is leveraging its proprietary kinase drug discovery platform to advance a pipeline of first-in-class compounds and best-in-class drug candidates.

  • BlinkBio


    BlinkBio (formerly known as Coferon) was founded in 2009 and is developing a class of linker molecules that are highly sensitive to low pH and have the potential to improve the effectiveness of Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs) and Small Molecule-Drug Conjugates (SMDCs). The linker can quickly release the drug payload from a targeting molecule in the low pH environment of the endosome in order to maximize its effect in damaging tumor cells. The CEO is Colin Goddard, PhD, former CEO of OSI Pharmaceuticals. This approach is of particular interest in treating cancer and also for delivering RNAi to specific tissues where it can be released quickly before the RNAi is damaged in the acidic endosome.

  • Clinverse


    Clinverse is a global technology company that delivers highly secure, cloud-based financial management and payment solutions for the clinical trials industry. Headquartered in Raleigh, NC, the company delivers solutions through the only collaborative eclinical ecommerce network now in use by leading biopharma and other customers. ClinPay, the company’s flagship accounting cloud-based software, automates the financial management of trials-allowing sponsors, CROs and investigators to focus on clinical operations. Its patent-pending, proprietary technology is fully customizable and supports payments in 140 currencies.

  • Clearside Biomedical

    Clearside Biomedical

    Clearside Biomedical is an ophthalmic company specializing in the research, development and commercialization of therapeutic products through a proprietary ocular microinjection platform that targets the individual compartments of the eye. Currently, Clearside Biomedical is focused on its initial product candidate, CLS1001, under development for retinal applications through the delivery of proven therapeutics to the suprachoroidal space. Clearside Biomedical was founded by an executive team with extensive development and revenue growth expertise, focused on improving the delivery of therapeutic agents to improve standard of care for patients with sight threatening disease.

  • Device Innovation Group

    Device Innovation Group

    Device Innovation Group (“DIG”) was founded in 2011 as the result of a partnership between medical device company MDI Partners and two venture capital firms, TriStar Technology Fund and Limestone Fund. The company’s mission is to develop early stage medical devices that fulfill unmet clinical needs and underserved markets that are often overlooked by larger investment firms. DIG will incorporate a “fail fast” philosophy and a strategy of rapid advancement, welcoming new innovation from various sources including universities, hospitals and entrepreneurs.